A First Stop Cosplay team creation: Conceptualized and illustrated by our team members.

Made with You in Mind

Let us be your first stop on the road to cosplay!

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Why Choose Us?

    • Detailed video and written instructions
    • 14 sizes; range equivalent to XXS-4XL
    • Durable pattern paper
    • Made by cosplayers, for cosplayers
    • Beginner-friendly
    • Exclusive Discord community
    • Customer service reps who sew!


  • Mini Tutorial Master List

    All of our tips and tricks all compiled into one big master post for your convenience!

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  • Sewing 101

    Our little tips and tricks to using your sewing machine and your sewing fingers. We call it: "Sewing 101."

    Welcome to class and grab a seat.

    To Sewing 101! 
  • Cosplay Hacks

    Odds and ends that someone will eventually ask if you have at the convention day of. Don't be caught without them!

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  • Pan

  • Timmy

  • Dah

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