What We Stand For

We refuse to be just another cosplay company that sells pre-made costumes because we understand the value of creating your cosplay yourself. We’ve experienced all the good and bad that comes with making a cosplay. We’ve shed tears over stupid mistakes and malfunctioning sewing machines, and shed blood because of rogue fabric shears and wayward sewing needles.

But we’ve also celebrated finding the perfect fabric in the perfect color and finishing in time for the next convention. And we’ve basked in the gratifying glory of wearing that new cosplay confident in the knowledge that it is absolute perfection. It may not be a perfect cosplay to someone else, but it is perfect to us because we made it ourselves.

We know first hand how difficult it is to get started on making a cosplay and, even after you have, how hard it is to improve your skills. We believe that anyone who wants to cosplay should be able to. That is why we aim to ensure that a lack of knowledge will never again be a reason standing in someone’s way.

We stand for cosplays that you are proud to wear because they fit you just right and are as accurate as you want them to be. We stand for tears of joy instead of tears of frustration, for pride in a job well done, and for having fun wearing a cosplay that you made yourself.

We stand for you.


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