Nickname: Dakkun

Birthday: September 22 
Astrological sign: Virgo-Libra Cusp
Blood type: O-
Favorite food: Spicy curry
Favorite drink: Diet cola
Favorite subject: Japanese, Science
Hobbies: Playing video games, reading manga and comics, watching rom-coms, exercising, taking naps, and streetwear
Dislikes: Dirt, disorganization, and scary movies
Phobia: Flying


Dah's Evolution

Concept Art

We had an idea of what we wanted him to look like based off of the thoughts we had about Pan. After fleshing him out a little more, we just decided to slightly change his pose.

Alternative Design

In Dah’s full finished design, he has a look on his face and his posture better represents the persona he shows on the outside.


Chibi Design

This is the cute chibi, small, design where he is eating his favorite food, spicy curry, with the panda plush. Although, it looks like the panda ate all his food with no issues before Dah could finish his. Wait, what?


Packaging/Advertisement Design

This is the final version of Dah used in packaging and advertisements. Different artists have created slightly different versions of Dah, but they all follow this softer, cartoon-ish look.