Nickname: Pan-chan
Birthday: December 17
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: O+
Favorite food: sugar toast with whipped butter and strawberry jam
Favorite drink: melon Ramune
Favorite subject: math
Hobbies: cosplaying, drawing, watching crime documentaries and scary movies, playing video games, taking naps, baking
Dislikes: spicy food, not having anything to do
Phobia: medical needles






Concept Art

This is the concept art for Pan. In the end, we decided not to give her a more anime look. 


Original Design

This is her finished first look. We wanted to make her more relatable and realistic (except for the yellow-colored eyes). She had “FSC” on her jacket, which stood for First Stop Cosplay and was later changed to “Pan”.



Finished Design

This is another take from the same artist of Pan’s finished look. She’s a little different, but her personality definitely shines.



Chibi Design

This is a cute chibi, or small, design of Pan holding the panda plush while sitting.