What Makes First Stop Cosplay Different?

Our sewing patterns help you create the cosplays you envision while teaching valuable sewing skills with our detailed, step-by-step instructional content.

Give someone a costume and they cosplay for a day. Teach someone to sew and they can cosplay anything they want for a lifetime.

What makes our paper patterns different?

      • Thick and durable paper (similar to tracing paper).
      • Printed in your specific size.

What makes our packaging different?

      • Easy-to-read packaging information.
      • Packaged in a large, sturdy, and resealable plastic bag.

What makes our sizing different?

      • Inclusive men, women, and/or unisex sizing -- in 14 different sizes. Equivalent sizes range from XXS - 4XL, depending on the chart.

What makes our approach to cosplay different?

      • We believe in empowering aspiring and existing cosplayers to make their own costumes by learning new skills and improving upon what they already know.
      • All sewing patterns come with detailed written instructions and step-by-step video tutorials.
      • We continuously create free mini tutorials and additional helpful videos on a variety of sewing techniques, available on our website, blog, and social media.
      • Our customer-exclusive Discord community is staffed by friendly employees who are fellow cosplayers and are ready to help you navigate any issues that may arise.


Watch our video below to see makes First Stop Cosplay so special: