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First Stop Cosplay hand sewer completing a product.

Our Company

At First Stop Cosplay, we’re breaking down barriers and empowering aspiring and existing cosplayers to make their own costumes.

Our sewing patterns are more than just our unique paper. We guide our customers through every step of making their cosplays and teach them the skills they need to sew a cosplay they’ll be proud to wear.




Our Product

First Stop Cosplay has reinvented the sewing pattern. Our patterns are printed on durable and reusable paper, single-size, and beginner-friendly. We’ve eliminated confusing markings to make our patterns easy to read. We’ve also modernized our sizing for today’s diverse range of body types, with 3 size charts and 14 sizes per chart.

We’re committed to teaching our customers the sewing skills they need to create their own cosplays. Each pattern contains detailed written instructions and complete step-by-step video tutorials, as well as access to our sewing experts and cosplay community on our customer-exclusive Discord. We aim to ensure that a lack of knowledge will never again stand in the way of someone making their own cosplay.

Our Story

First Stop Cosplay was founded by Amanda Gregory in the summer of 2019. Amanda always believed that anyone who wants to cosplay should be able to, but she kept meeting people who always wished they could cosplay but didn’t know how. 

Amanda realized she could help when her friend Jun needed a pleated skirt for a cosplay. Instead of making it for her, Amanda taught Jun how to sew the skirt herself. Jun was delighted to create her own costume and amazed at how easy sewing could be with the right kind of guidance. In that moment, Amanda’s idea for the company was born.

Inspired by Jun’s joy, Amanda founded First Stop Cosplay for cosplayers at every step of their journey, from aspiring cosplayers looking for their first stop to experienced cosplayers who want to improve their skills.

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First Stop Cosplay


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First Stop Cosplay empowers aspiring and existing cosplayers to make their own costumes. Our sewing patterns come with detailed written and video instructions that teach our customers sewing skills and best practices.


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Amanda Gregory, the founder of First Stop Cosplay

“I believe that cosplay is more than just the finished costume. I believe that it is an experience, one that starts the second that someone decides on a character, and that continues long after construction on the costume has finished.”

– Amanda Gregory, Founder and President (Left)


“While developing our sewing patterns, we pay attention to the little details, like making our patterns reusable and explaining how to sew something step by step. We want to give new cosplayers the experience we wish we’d had when we first started out.”

– Kristin Koga, Sewing Department