Meet Our Characters

Our two characters, Pan and Dah, can be found on our packaging and some of our merchandise, such as our keychains and tote bag. Timmy, our cuddly panda mascot, sits proudly on our logo and some of our merchandise.


Nickname: Pan-Chan

Birthday: December 17

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Blood type: O+

Favorite food: Sugar toast with whipped butter and strawberry jam

Favorite drink: Melon Ramune

Favorite subject: Math

Hobbies: Cosplaying, drawing, watching crime documentaries and scary movies, playing video games, taking naps, and baking

Dislikes: Spicy food and not having anything to do

Phobia: Medical needles

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Nickname: Dakkun

Birthday: September 22

Astrological sign: Virgo-Libra Cusp

Blood type: O-

Favorite food: Spicy curry

Favorite drink: Diet cola

Favorite subject: Japanese, Science

Hobbies: Playing video games, reading manga and comics, watching rom-coms, exercising, taking naps, and streetwear

Dislikes: Dirt, disorganization, and scary movies

Phobia: Flying 

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Birthday: July 2

Astrological sign: Cancer

Favorite food: Sweet and sour candy

Favorite drink: Coffee

Hobbies: Pranks

Dislikes: Being at knee-level and sewing needles

Phobia: The washer and dryer

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